As An Educator

Sid Akbar is a Social Scientist trained as a Historian at CSU Sacramento and has been a public school teacher since 2007. Sid is also active as the site representative for the Teacher's Union in his district and believes in the power of the proletariat.

Arts & Humanities

Sid's interests include playing music in his two bands, rafting, fishing, international travels during his summer's off, and enjoys both historical non-fiction as well as high fantasy literature.

As A Global Citizen

As an immigrant, Sid identifies as a Global Green, as a member of the world's largest political party, that is active in over 90 different countries. Sid is seeking the position in CA State Legislature to help ease the restriction on working class folk to find and access basic needs.


Why Green Party?

A Global Party

We are grassroots activists, environmentalists, advocates for social justice, nonviolent resisters and regular citizens who have had enough of corporate-dominated politics. The government must be part of the solution, but when it’s controlled by the 1%, it’s part of the problem. The longer we wait for change, the harder it gets. Don’t stay home on election day. Vote Green.


Four Pillars

What Really Matters

The Four Pillars of the Green Party are a foundational statement of Green politics and form the basis of many worldwide Green parties. The Four Pillars are:

10 Key Values

Ten Key Values

The Big Picture

We propose a vision of our common good that is advanced through an independent politics free from the control of corporations and big money, and through a democratic structure and process that empowers and reaches across lines of division to bring together our combined strengths as a people.

Next Steps...

If you are curious about my platforms, and what I specifically believe is needed in California, click on my platforms link: