*UPDATE:  I Have Dropped Out of the Race*

With solemn resolve, I am withdrawing from the race. I have failed to generate the enthusiasm and support I imagined. This is my fault. One needs to actually campaign, such as canvas, door to door, or direct mail, or actually do the leg work to create the enthusiasm and support needed to mobilize a grassroots base. I have failed myself.

My heart is full, however. To the donors, supporters, organizers, friends, and family who truly believed in me: thanks for the love . You believed in me, my principles, values, and morals. I'm sorry that I will not continue even with your faith, but the task at hand is daunting.

I failed to get the endorsements of any Union including the ones I'm a member of. I have failed to get the support from the ethnic and cultural and even non denominational Faith groups that I have participated in. It wasn't because of me or my platforms but rather the sickly strategic political campaigning systems a la primary elections.

Had I raised more money, or had more boots on the ground, things would be different. Nevertheless, my campaign has generated enough buzz and media to promote Green values. This is small victory in it of itself.

Stop donating. Thanks.

Sid Akbar