These are the most common questions about why I am campaigning for Assembly District 9

Why did you decide to run?

I was asked to run by members of the Green Party of Sacramento County.  I have also been keenly interested in legislation that affects our minorities, working poor, unsheltered, youth, and LGBTQ+ neighbors.

What are your qualifications?

As a public school teacher for the past 12 years I feel that I have unique persective on the poor, urban communities and their kids whom I serve at Grant Union High School in the Del Paso Heights region of Sacramento.  I have students who have been unsheltered, and our entire school district proved provides free lunch.  Poverty and gentrification in the region, along with rising cost of living are in my face everyday.  I lived for three years in the Strawberry Manors, and J. J. Clavo was shot dead not 5 doors down from my home.  I take kids home, in my car, and the struggle is real.  We are the hood, here, up the 'Heights.

Why not as a Democrat?

Look, the democratic party voted for War in Iraq, they back fracking and ecological destruction, they back wall street and the bail out, they are not for the people, they just pretend to be.  The Dems claim to be champions of Civil Rights movement when in fact it was a Grassroots movement of the People.  When public pressure was too strong to resist, it happened to be Johnson who signed the Civil Rights Acts of 1965, and it very well could have been a GOP President.  The same goes for the Vietnam War, don;t ever let a democrat claim responsibility for stopping an illegal war when, again, it was the People, outraged and organized, in a Grassroots boots on the ground revolution, that forced the hands of those in power to withdraw from Vietnam. The same is happening now with The GReen New Deal, which Dems have co opted from us, the Greens, who have championed a GND for years! Remember Hillary was against same sex marriage for years! No, no, no!  I am a Green, with 4 Pillars and 10 key Values, as a Global Citizen.