It is unconscionable that anyone hungry go without locally sourced, nutritious produce.  I propose legislation that can feed the hungry and simultaneously support our local farmers by creating a consumer subsidy voucher that allows recipients to purchase produce directly from farmers, instead of the traditional government to industrial farmer subsidy.

Good farming practices, such as draw down and organic, non-gmo production, can reverse the effect of carbon emission in our atmosphere.

Buy local, and shop at farmer's markets.  As the bread basket of the nation, California's food production is vital to the state economy in both interstate and international exports.  Our farmers deserve the fairest policies to help them feed our citizens.



With the shadow of a 5 year drought not far behind us, water management must be a top priority in the state.

Furthermore, the risk of levy breakage is real and the question of whether our central valley will flood under a heavy deluge is not an if, but a when, unless we reinforce our levies now.

A water management plan to serve our communities is long over due, and it must be inclusive enough to serve our residential consumers, farms, industries, and our public spaces like our parks and rivers.

Also, the downtown region doesn't have nearly enough public drinking fountains, and with our ever increasing unsheltered population, something must be done to provide access to clean safe water for all our neighbors.



With the rising cost of living, the stagnant wage growth, gentrification of our historically minority populated urban regions like oak park, our unsheltered population has exploded.

The mayor continues to send out police inforce to move the unsheltered folk along, often late at night or early in the morning, confiscating their survival gear, throwing them out into this awful weather.

These are our citizens, and if our government cannot provide for the most deserving of it's population, and instead only props up developers and business districts, than that government is misguided and must be voted out.

The mayor and the city council are all talk.  Enough with the lip service, we need shelter now!


The Crises in California

A wise woman once told me, "Always Come From Love."  We must always try and find common ground, empathy, and understanding.  I find myself in debates with my dearest friends that "homeless" people are junkies, that they need to take personal responsibility, that they leave trash everywhere...

What Needs to Happen

The problem is our dissociation, an "us" versus "them" mentality.  If you can see the unsheltered as your friends and family, then you will immediately care enough to try and help them out of their hardships.  If you can make the connection, if you can create a service mindset, we can provide adequate services in housing and treatment to help transition our neighbors into a fulfilling and productive life.


Next Steps...

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