The Housing Problem

Sacramento has experienced the HIGHEST rise of rent in the nation. This causes a domino effect that especially affects the working poor and elderly folk on fixed income. The impact has been a rise of unsheltered neighbors on our streets. Worse, our city does not have adequate services available to serve the needs for shelter.

We have a mayor who does an excellent job providing lip service. his sweet words have fooled me twice now. Two weeks ago at the city council hearing he apologized for directing law enforcement to break camps, confiscate survival gear, and push our unsheltered out into the freezing winter rains only to have the cop do it again hours later.

The whole council does not walk the talk when it comes to providing parcels or empty lots or tiny homes but they sure have sweet tongues.

In my district, we have an encampment on the unsheltered on Fruitridge and Stockton, and local business are pressuring law enforcement to move these neighbors along.

I am working with Kimberley Church of Sacramento Safe Space to refine my platform and policies to immediately address this crisis in our region and ultimately statewide. If you have any input, please feel free to comment below.

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